Darul Islam Masjid

Darul Islam Masjid
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Overview of Darul Islam Mosque

Darul Islam Mosque is a prominent Islamic institution located in Surrey Estate, Cape Town. Established in the heart of a predominantly Muslim community, this mosque serves as a spiritual center and a hub of social activities, contributing significantly to the local community and beyond.

Darul Islam Masjid Architecture

Founded in the late 20th century, the Darul Islam Mosque represents an iconic piece of architecture in Surrey Estate. With its grand minarets and spacious prayer halls, the mosque has become a local landmark and a symbol of the Islamic faith in the area. The mosque also houses educational facilities, where it provides a range of courses in Islamic studies and Arabic language.

Religious Practices

The mosque is known for its inclusive approach to Islamic practices, accommodating a different perspectives within the Muslim community, allowing the community under the religion through their questions. It holds daily prayers, weekly congregational prayers, and special religious observances during Ramadan and other Islamic holidays.

Community Impact

The Darul Islam Mosque has had a profound impact on the local community, serving not only as a place of worship but also as a focal point for community gatherings and social services. It organizes regular charity drives, provides support for the less fortunate, and hosts educational events and workshops that cater to both the spiritual and the mundane needs of the local population.

Prominent Figures

Prominent figures such as Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams, who served as an Imam of the mosque, have left a lasting impact on the community through their leadership at the Darul Islam Mosque. The teachings and sermons delivered from the mosque’s pulpit continue to inspire and guide the local Muslim community and beyond.

Legacy and Influence

Today, the Darul Islam Mosque remains a testament to the strong presence and influence of the Muslim community in Surrey Estate, Cape Town. It stands as an embodiment of Islamic spirituality, community engagement, and educational outreach in the region.


Corner of Gonubie Road and Pluto Road
Surrey Estate
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

Darul Islam Location and Map

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