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Yusufeyya Masjid
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Nestled within the core of Wynberg, Yusufeyyah Masjid stands as the sixth oldest mosque in South Africa, heralding a rich tapestry of history since its establishment in 1867. There are some indications that it was built by an English convert to Islam, Lord Joseph Ratcliffe.

This historic edifice is uniquely positioned at the hub of the Wynberg transport interchange, adjacent to the Wynberg Railway Station, making it a notable landmark amidst the bustling surroundings. Its long-standing presence offers a serene spiritual haven amid the daily commute, embodying a blend of cultural heritage and communal serenity in the heart of Wynberg.

Current Imaamat

Sheikh Ebrahim Moos
Sheikh Abdurahmaan Sadien


Mosque Road
South Africa

Contact Details

Phone: 021 762 2505
Email: yusufeyyah@gmail.com

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