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Taronga Road Mosque
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The Masjied Ghiedmatiel Islamia, more commonly known as the Taronga Road Mosque, stands as a symbol of transformation and community spirit. Originally a church complex acquired around 1999/2000, it has since been converted into a mosque and madrassa, serving the spiritual and educational needs of the community.

A Hub of Spiritual Activities

Since its conversion, the property has evolved into a bustling multi-purpose complex. The mosque is a central point for worship, hosting the five daily prayers, the Friday congregational prayers (Jumu’ah), and the special Tarawih prayers during the holy month of Ramadan. It is well-equipped to cater to the needs of both male and female worshippers, with separate washing and ablution facilities for each.

“The mosque hosts the five daily prayers, Friday congregational prayers (Jumu’ah), and Tarawih prayers during Ramadan.”

Community Facilities and Educational Services

In addition to its religious functions, the mosque offers a range of facilities that support the local community. The complex features a well-utilized community hall and provides madressa classes for the youth, ensuring that the younger generation receives religious education in a supportive environment.

“It offers facilities for both males and females, including separate washing and ablution areas. Additionally, it features a well-utilized community hall and provides madressa classes for the youth.”

Taronga Road Mosque Infrastructure

Spanning 4,500 square meters, the complex includes various offices and ample parking around the premises, making it accessible and convenient for all visitors. This infrastructure supports the mosque’s role as a dynamic center of activity, offering programs on a variety of topics, including fitness classes.

“The facility spans 4,500 square meters and includes various offices along with ample parking around the premises.”

A Venue for Celebrations

The mosque is also a popular venue for weddings, with its community hall frequently used for wedding receptions. This multifunctional space highlights the mosque’s role as a focal point for both religious and social gatherings within the community.

“It is also a popular venue for weddings, with the hall often used for receptions.”

The Taronga Road Mosque continues to thrive as a vibrant part of the local community, providing a wide array of services and facilities that cater to both spiritual and social needs. Its evolution from a church to a mosque exemplifies the community’s dedication to creating a space that supports and enriches the lives of its members.

History of Taronga Road Mosque

Formation of the Rondebosch East Islamic Society

In 1990, a survey revealed the need for an Islamic environment in a “grey” area, prompting a group of concerned Muslims to unite with this common goal. On February 7, 1991, a public meeting was held to gauge interest. Despite a modest turnout of only thirty residents, the Rondebosch East Islamic Society (REIS) was established. An interim committee was elected and given the mandate to move forward with the initiative.

Early Efforts and Challenges

From its inception, REIS actively sought suitable premises or vacant land to develop. Formal applications to purchase vacant land were submitted to the City Council. Additionally, attempts to acquire under-utilized churches in the area proved unsuccessful. Undeterred, the society continued to raise funds through various fundraising ventures and donations.

Establishment of the Jamaat Khana

In 1995, Dr. U Adams converted one of his properties into a Jamaat Khana, which was completed and opened for the community in May 1996. This facility provided a space for Salaah (prayers) and Madrassah (religious classes). As the number of worshippers grew, extensions were made, converting the garage and lounge into a prayer area for women and setting up an administration office.

Growth and Expansion of Masjied Ghiedmatiel Islamia

Recognizing the growing Muslim population, a Fatwah (Islamic legal ruling) was received to perform Jumu’ah (Friday congregational prayers) in the area. Performing Taraweeg prayers during Ramadan for the second consecutive year was a significant achievement. The community worked diligently to prepare the Jamaat Khana for Ramadan, including observing Lailatul Qadr, a significant night in the Islamic calendar, with religious programs throughout the night.

Acquisition of the Existing Property

In February 1996, with the help of Almighty Allah, REIS purchased the existing property along with an adjacent house at the corner of Burwood and Gordon Roads, and the vacant land opposite. These properties were registered under the “Rondebosch East Islamic Community Trust,” with reputable community members serving as trustees.

Purchase of the Jubilee Community Church Complex

In 1999, the Jubilee Community Church complex became available. REIS deemed the purchase of this complex more feasible than developing the vacant plot. The acquisition provided a more extensive facility to meet the needs of the rapidly growing community, offering more space and eliminating parking issues. The complex, spanning 4,500 square meters, included a church, hall, offices, conference hall, and ample parking, compared to the 1,000 square meters of the vacant plot.

Development into a Multi-Purpose Complex

Following a significant fundraising drive, the church property was purchased. Over the subsequent years, the property was developed into a bustling multi-purpose complex. This transformation continues, reflecting the community’s dedication to creating a vibrant hub for Islamic worship, education, and community activities.

Taronga Road Mosque Current Imaamat

Shaykh Abdurragmaan Khan


95 Taronga Road
Cape Town
South Africa

Contact Details

Phone: 083 501 8719
Email: reict.marketing@gmail.com

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