Support Palestine

The ongoing economic strain and unrest in Palestine have left its infrastructure fragile and the well-being of its citizens hanging by a thread. Families, particularly those with limited means, are grappling with the scarcity of food and water. The high costs of healthcare and education are exacerbating their plight, plunging many into poverty, with breadwinners struggling to meet the basic needs of their households.

In the midst of this turmoil, Gift of the Givers is committed to lessening the hardships faced by thousands of these families. Our initiatives encompass essential food supplies, medical aid, clean water provision, and other critical interventions.

Our response to the Palestinian crisis is multifaceted and includes the following planned interventions:

  • Housing Support: We are assisting with rent for those displaced by the bombings, along with home renovations, and the replenishment of essential household items.
  • Family Assistance: For families with little to no income, or those affected by business destruction, we are offering food vouchers, clothing, and aid to alleviate debts.
  • Medical Aid: We are funding surgeries, prosthetics, wheelchairs, and other necessary aids for the injured.
  • Poor Patient Fund: We provide medical support for those suffering from non-trauma-related health issues who cannot afford treatment.
  • Healthcare Worker Support: Recognizing the plight of unpaid frontline medical staff, we are providing stipends and food parcels.
  • Trauma Counseling: Our Women and Child Care Centre is offering counseling to the many children traumatized by the bombings.
  • Medical Supplies: We are delivering medical supplies to the Palestinian Health Ministry to support affected health facilities.
  • Municipal Worker Aid: With a lack of income and working overtime to restore essential services, we are providing financial support to municipal workers.
  • Micro Financing: To support youth who have lost their businesses and means of income, we are offering microloans to help them rebuild.


Gift of the Givers stands as a pillar of support and resilience, bringing relief and hope to those facing the brunt of this crisis.

Help Gaza

The Gaza Strip has been deeply scarred by recent airstrikes, leading to the harrowing loss of civilian lives and forcing countless individuals to flee in search of safety.

In response to an urgent appeal from the people of Palestine, Gift of the Givers has mobilized to provide immediate aid.

Our representatives are on the ground in Gaza’s hospitals, distributing critical medical aid to those harmed in the recent surge of violence. Reports indicate a mounting death toll and injuries, figures that are sadly anticipated to climb further.

The influx of casualties has pushed hospital resources to the brink, with an acute shortage of beds, medical equipment, and essential drugs. The list of immediate needs is extensive, ranging from medical necessities to basic human comforts like hygiene kits, clothing, and food for the grieving and distressed families, as well as the procurement of chronic medications.

Proactive measures have been taken by Gift of the Givers, with funds being allocated within Gaza for the procurement of these vital supplies from trusted vendors.

Our commitment extends to absorbing transportation and related costs to ensure life-saving interventions and comfort are delivered swiftly to a nation in turmoil.

Moreover, we are providing civilians with vouchers to secure food and other essentials, wherever these are available, to help them withstand this crisis.

Donate to our intervention in Palestine though the following bank account:

Account Name: Gift of the Givers Foundation
Account Number: 052278611
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Pietermaritzburg
Branch Code: 057525

Reference: Palestine Zakaah/Lillah/Sadqa. NO Section 18A will be issued.

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