Layla tul Qadr: Better Than A Thousand Months

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Laylat ul-Qadr, often regarded as the pinnacle of spiritual devotion in Islam, is a night filled with blessings, mercy, and the opportunity for personal growth. Marking the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), this extraordinary night holds immense importance and offers Muslims the chance to seek forgiveness, deepen their faith, and forge a stronger connection with Allah. Dive into the history and significance of Laylat ul-Qadr, explore the practices associated with this sacred event, and learn how to maximize your spiritual journey during the holiest night of Ramadan.

What is Ramadan? The Act of Fasting in Islam.

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Ramadan is derived from the Arabic root ar-ramad’ (or ‘ramida), which refers to scorching heat and scarcity of rations. Ramadan, the holy month for fasting as prescribed by the Quran to all Muslims who reach puberty and are able keep it, is the fourth pillar in Islam. It falls on the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. According to the Quran, it was established to encourage all Muslims towards charity and piety.