Extracting Wisdom from Ramadan, Solidarity with Gaza and Overcoming Adversity Through Faith in Allah

Extracting Wisdom from Ramadan, Solidarity with Gaza and Overcoming Adversity Through Faith in Allah
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During today’s testing times, when we are witnessing some of the minor signs of the Last Hour, there is a question we all need to ask ourselves – as a Muslim Ummah, where are we headed? How do we reclaim our Muslim identity? How do we identify and tackle the trials we are facing today?

And there is no better time for self-reflection and reformation than the month of Ramadan. This Ramadan is unique. The hearts are heavy, as we witness the plight of our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza.

In this article, the focus is to merge the two separate knowledges: the wisdom of Ramadan and the endurance of the people at Gaza – and to emerge with a knowledge that can be beneficial to us in both this world and the Hereafter.

Quran, Ramadan and Gaza

The Quran is the source of guidance. Ramadan is the month of the Quran. This is the month when the Quran was revealed (Al Baqarah, 2:185). As believers we must connect with the Quran, even more so in Ramadan.

Specifically acquaint yourself with the story of Musa AS and Bani Israel as it is relatable to the current events. When we draw parallels with what is currently happening in Palestine and what was the state of Bani Israel at the hands of the Pharoah at the time of Musa AS, we see that there is optimism amid the most difficult of tests and trials.

In Musa’s story, despite the most severe of hardships, we observe divine aid and victory for the one who is steadfast upon the truth. And this is what provides us hope for our brothers and sisters in Palestinian. The world is a witness to the fact how the Palestinians have faced adversity with the highest levels of sabr, tawakul and ahsan. It is a story of faith and resilience.

Ramadan Joy and Gaza Sorrow

Joy and Sorrow are a part of this life. We know from the Seerah of the Prophet ﷺ that one of the greatest victories of the believers took place at Badr, in Ramadan. However, it was the same day when Ruqayyah, the daughter of the prophet ﷺ, passed away. It was a reminder that pure unadulterated happiness is only for the Hereafter. (Qadhi, 2023)

Watching what is happening in Gaza brings intense grief, simultaneously there is joy in knowing that their soul has flown to Allah, and they are fariheen. That’s perspective. With those devastating losses comes the realization of a new spiritual rank (Sulieman, 2023). Know that with the most difficult test comes the most exemplary patience and with the most exemplary patience comes the greatest reward.

Purification of the Soul

Ramadan is also a month for the purification and strengthening of the soul. It is an opportunity to declutter and reset our soul. It is a time for self-reflection, to seek forgiveness and to make amends. Ramadan is a month of reformation, discipline and tolerance. It is a time to practice patience and compassion and do taffakkur (reflection).

When we reflect upon the entire population of Gaza facing a hunger crisis, we cannot fathom how they will be able to have Sahoor and Iftaar this Ramadan. Right now, if we are privileged enough to be blessed with food and water, then we must understand that we have a greater responsibility on our shoulders. We must realise our purpose and fulfill it.

Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allāh and what has come down of the truth? And let them not be like those who were given the Scripture before, and a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened; and many of them are defiantly disobedient.  (Surah Hadeed, 57: 16)

Power of Dua

Never undermine your duas. Dua is the weapon of the believer.  Before the Battle of Badr, the Prophet ﷺ beseeched Allah for His help and support. How gratifying it is to witness Ramadan yet again to be able to make duas for our brothers and sisters in Gaza in its blessed nights. Alhamdulillah.

Make dua for yourself. Cry for yourself, for your family, for the ummah as you make duas. Duas can change Qadr.


These events unfolding in our lives are a lesson for us. They are there to provide us a new knowledge, an awareness that pursuit of worldly desires without its end being God and without having sincerity in our acts could lead to a spiritual ruin, a spiritual destruction – that can be far worse than what is happening at Gaza. For the Palestinians the ultimate end is martyrdom, for us it can be a total loss of both the worlds.

Strengthen yourself and your imaan by strengthening your connection with Allah. Salah should be our lifeline. Daily we make duas to Allah to show us the straight path – the path of those whom He has favoured. Envision this path and emulate those whom Allah has favoured.

Always have hope. Reflect on the message of Surah Duha. Allah has not forsaken you, however you must do your part of the work. Keep sowing the seeds. Focus on your strengths and nurture them.  Ask yourself: “What am I leaving behind in this world that will continue to benefit others?” Light a candle instead of blaming the darkness.  Every one of us is responsible for the state we are in right now.

It is time to wake up from our slumber and recognize our worth. Strength is through unity. Success is in standing firm, steadfast and united. Our mission is to convey the truth. Speak out, write, spread awareness. Live a life of purpose. The unwavering faith and resilience of the Palestinians is exemplary, as they are standing up to the truth in the face of tyranny. We too need to be like that bird who brought water in its tiny beak to extinguish the fire Nimrod had set ablaze for Ibrahim’s AS destruction. Each member of the Ummah has a role to play.

We learn in Surah TaHa that Musa AS was instructed by Allah to gather his strength and patience, as he was about to face one of the most challenging tasks of his mission: confronting the Pharaoh. This teaches us the importance of reliance on Allah and perseverance in times of difficulty. Despite the daunting nature of the task ahead, Musa AS is reminded of his divine purpose and reassured of Allah’s support. A lesson for the believers to trust in Allah’s guidance and to remain steadfast in the face of adversity, knowing that Allah is always with those who strive in His cause.

Have firm faith in

hasbun-Allaha wa nimal-Wakil, nimal-Maula wa nimal-Naseer.


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