How to Make Wudu For Salah?

how to make wudu for salah

Performing wudu, or ablution, is a critical part of preparing for salah, the Islamic prayer. It involves a specific series of washing and wiping parts of the body, symbolizing spiritual purification and readiness to stand before Allah in prayer.

Sunnah Salah: What are Voluntary Prayers?

sunnah salah what are voluntary prayers - salah

Prayer is a supreme act in Islam and is a way to show servitude to Allah. Different prayers in Islam have their own rules and regulations. These include the timing, frequency, and direction. These prayers allow Muslims to express their love, respect, and gratitude towards Allah. There are four types of prayers in Islam: Fard (obligatory prayer), Wajib, Sunnah, and Nafl (voluntary prayer).

Tarawih Prayer: Origins, Units of Prayer and Ruling

tarawih salah

Tarawih (nafl) is a night prayer that can only be performed in Ramadan. It is a highly recommended Sunnah. Masjids around the globe hold congregational Tarawih prayers every night of this blessed month.

The Isra and Mi’raj


The Isra and the Mi’raj are two of the most notable events in the religious history of Islam, in which Isra and Mi’raj are two chapters of the night journey taken by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) around the year 621. Certain events that took place during Isra and Mi’raj are explained in brief in the Quran.