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In a world frequently marred by disasters and humanitarian crises, the role of compassionate aid organizations cannot be understated. Gift of the Givers is one such beacon, rising above many challenges to offer hope to those in dire need.


Founded in 1992, Gift of the Givers has grown exponentially to become South Africa’s largest disaster response non-governmental organization. Its journey began with a spiritual inspiration that urged its founder, Dr. Imtiyaz Sooliman, to create an entity dedicated to serving humanity unconditionally.

Dr Imtiyaz Sooliman

Dr. Sooliman’s passion and dedication have been pivotal to the organization’s success. A medical doctor by profession, he heeded a spiritual call during a religious gathering in Turkey, which set him on the path to establish Gift of the Givers. His leadership has ensured that the organization remains committed to its core values, regardless of the scale or location of the disaster.


Gift of the Givers operates with a clear vision: “Swift response, maximum impact”. The organization aims to provide immediate relief in the face of disasters while ensuring that its interventions have a lasting positive impact on affected communities.

“Swift response”

This first part of the vision emphasizes the urgency and immediacy with which Gift of the Givers operates. In the context of disaster relief, time is often of the essence. The faster aid can be mobilized and delivered, the more lives can be saved, and the more suffering can be alleviated. A swift response also demonstrates the organization’s commitment to being there for people in their hour of need and underscores its readiness and efficiency in managing crises.

“Maximum impact”

The second part of the vision focuses on the depth and breadth of the organization’s interventions. It’s not just about reaching affected areas quickly, but ensuring that the help provided is meaningful, comprehensive, and makes a significant difference. “Maximum impact” signifies that the organization aims to provide the best possible relief in terms of quality, quantity, and relevance. It also indicates a strategic approach where efforts are concentrated in areas where they can bring about the most substantial positive change, be it in immediate disaster relief or long-term community rebuilding.


At its core, the organization’s objectives are:

  1. Delivering rapid response to disasters.
  2. Providing water, food, and medical care to affected areas.
  3. Rebuilding infrastructure and offering long-term support.
  4. Engaging with local communities to ensure sustainability.

Local Relief

Within South Africa, Gift of the Givers has been a guiding light in countless situations. From drought relief to supporting healthcare infrastructure, their interventions have touched numerous lives, ensuring that affected communities can rebuild and thrive once more.

Global Relief

Internationally, Gift of the Givers has extended its benevolent arm to over 40 countries. Whether it’s earthquakes in Nepal, floods in Pakistan, or conflict zones in Palestinian and Syria, the organization ensures that help arrives swiftly and efficiently, irrespective of race, religion, or nationality.

How to Contribute

Contributing to Gift of the Givers is straightforward. The organization welcomes both financial donations and in-kind support. Volunteering opportunities are also available for those wishing to offer their time and expertise. Every contribution, no matter how small, plays a part in creating a brighter tomorrow for someone in need.


Gift of the Givers represents the epitome of selfless service. For nearly three decades, they have showcased the profound impact that collective compassion can achieve. In supporting their mission, every individual can play a part in alleviating suffering and spreading hope.


For more details, or to get involved:

Website: Gift of the Givers

South Africa

SA – NATIONAL CALL CENTRE Toll Free Number: 0800 786 911



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