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The name Dar al-Turath al-Islami translates to “The Abode of Islamic Legacy.” In this sanctuary, students immerse themselves in the profound depths of the Qur’an and the shari’ah, drawing wisdom from age-old Arabic scriptures. This institution serves as a gateway to the vast ocean of Islamic knowledge and the luminaries who have preserved it.

Diverse Learning Pathways

Our shari’ah curriculum stands out, rooted deeply in Arabic scriptures, with erudite scholars imparting knowledge in both Arabic and English. Recognizing the diverse needs of our students, we also offer an English rendition of the program during weekends for those more comfortable in the language.

Dar al-Safa: A Fountain of Authentic Knowledge

Dar al-Safa, an esteemed offshoot of the renowned Dar al-Mustafa in Tarim, Yemen, is a reservoir of knowledge with an unbroken chain of transmission. This ensures that the wisdom flowing from its springs remains pristine. Our mission is to safeguard and share this treasure, nurturing both scholars and the general populace, and igniting a renaissance in Islamic sciences during times when truth is often obscured.

Anwar al-Tanzil: The Sanctuary of Qur’anic Memorization

Our academy, Anwar al-Tanzil, offers dedicated Qur’an memorization courses for both boys and girls in a time-honored setting. We pledge to nurture every student, giving them personalized guidance. Our foremost goal is to kindle a deep love and respect for the Holy Qur’an, empowering them to commit it to memory with impeccable tajwid.

The Madrasah: Nurturing Young Minds

Catering to school-going children, The Madrasah provides foundational Islamic teachings during weekday afternoons and Sundays. We strive to impart essential knowledge in a nurturing Islamic ambiance, ensuring the young minds grow in faith and understanding.

Ilm Intensive Programme: Addressing Contemporary Challenges

This program offers specialized classes addressing modern-day challenges faced by the Muslim community. Taught by esteemed scholars, these sessions aim to resonate with hearts, quench intellectual thirst, and offer practical insights, guiding those eager to deepen their connection with Allah.

Mustafa College: Bridging Tradition and Modernity

Mustafa College presents a unique opportunity to delve into Islamic sciences in English. This part-time program ensures students appreciate Islam’s timeless wisdom in today’s context, without compromising the sanctity of traditional teachings.

DTI’s Learning Hubs

Both our Church Street and Belgravia Road Campuses provide expansive, well-furnished spaces conducive to learning.

Church Street Campus

This campus is home to Dār al-Safā’ and the boys’ division of Anwār al-Tanzīl Ḥifẓ School. It boasts an expansive auditorium, a rich library, and modern classrooms. The auditorium, with a seating capacity of 200, also serves as a prayer space for daily and special prayers.

Belgravia Road Campus

Our newly inaugurated Belgravia Road campus accommodates the girls’ wing of Anwār al-Tanzīl Ḥifẓ School and the afternoon Madrasa. It also hosts Mustafa College and Dar al-Safa evening classes. The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a dedicated space for women’s classes.

In Conclusion

Dar al-Turath al-Islami stands as a testament to the timeless beauty and depth of Islamic knowledge. Through its diverse programs and dedicated spaces, it seeks to nurture souls, enlighten minds, and strengthen the bond of the community with their Creator. We invite all seekers of knowledge to embark on this journey with us, exploring the vast horizons of Islamic wisdom.

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