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In the heart of Cape Town, nestled within the vibrant grounds of Islamia College, stands Masjid al Furqaan. More than just a place of worship, this mosque represents a significant chapter in the city’s Islamic heritage, weaving a rich tapestry of faith, education, and community spirit. Let’s delve into the history of Masjid al Furqaan and explore its profound impact on the Muslim community in Cape Town.

The Foundation and Early Years

The origins of Masjid al Furqaan are closely intertwined with the establishment of Islamia College, a cornerstone institution in the Muslim community of Cape Town. Founded with the intent of providing an Islamic environment for learning and spiritual growth, the college soon felt the need for a mosque within its campus. This led to the conception and construction of Masjid al Furqaan, a project driven by the collective will and donations of the local Muslim community.

From the laying of its first stone, the mosque was envisioned to be more than a mere structure for daily prayers. It was to be a hub for Islamic learning, a place where the principles of Islam could be nurtured alongside academic knowledge. This vision was realized upon the mosque’s completion, as it quickly became a central point for both students and staff, enriching the college’s atmosphere with a deeper spiritual dimension.

Growing with the Community

As the years passed, Masjid al Furqaan witnessed significant growth, both in its physical structure and in its role within the community. The mosque expanded its facilities to accommodate the growing number of worshippers, especially for Jumu’ah (Friday prayers) and Eid celebrations. It became a site where major Islamic events and milestones were commemorated, playing an essential role in preserving Islamic traditions within the community.

But perhaps the most notable growth of Masjid al Furqaan was in its influence. The mosque, with its open doors, welcomed not just students and faculty of Islamia College but also the wider Muslim community of Cape Town. It became a place for people from diverse backgrounds to come together in worship and reflection, forging a strong sense of unity and brotherhood.

Masjid al Furqaan Today

Today, Masjid al Furqaan stands as a testament to the enduring faith and commitment of the Muslim community in Cape Town. It continues to serve as a place of daily prayers, a center for learning, and a gathering point for important Islamic and community events. The mosque remains a beacon of Islamic spirituality and education, reflecting the dynamic and vibrant nature of the Muslim community in Cape Town.

In addition to its religious functions, the mosque also plays a pivotal role in social outreach and community service, embodying the true spirit of Islamic brotherhood and charity. Its presence on the campus of Islamia College ensures that the values of Islam are passed down to future generations, blending seamlessly with modern education.


The story of Masjid al Furqaan is a narrative of faith, community, and growth. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a key Islamic landmark in Cape Town, the mosque has continuously adapted to meet the needs of its community while staying true to its foundational principles. As it stands today, Masjid al Furqaan is not just a physical space for worship but a symbol of the rich Islamic heritage and unity that thrives in Cape Town.

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For more information about Masjid al Furqaan or to participate in its community programs:




021 110 5405 


409 Lansdowne Road
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

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