Tarteel: Quran Memorization

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At the core of Tarteel lies a singular vision: to deepen Muslims’ connection with the Quran. From the outset, this vision has been the driving force behind everything we do, guiding us as we endeavor to equip the Muslim community with the necessary tools to forge a closer bond with the divine words of Allah SWT.

This endeavor not only aims to enrich the spiritual lives of Muslims but also to strengthen their faith through this engagement. Leveraging extensive experience in the technology sector, our team has seamlessly integrated artificial intelligence with our profound reverence for the Quran, crafting a revolutionary platform that transforms the way Muslims interact with four fundamental aspects: reading, understanding, memorizing, and reciting.


Why use Tarteel?

Drawing inspiration from the illustrious Islamic Golden Age, we recognized a significant opportunity to innovate within the realm of religious technology. Tarteel was conceived to enhance the Quranic learning experience through cutting-edge digital solutions. Whether it’s students looking for extra resources beyond their classroom lessons, individuals trying to make the most of their reading time during commutes or lunch breaks, parents managing bustling households, or those who simply prefer the privacy of their personal space for reading and recitation, Tarteel aims to support every Muslim’s Quranic journey, helping them achieve their spiritual aspirations. The Quran represents a spiritual expedition, with Tarteel as your steadfast guide.

Always Innovating

To date, Tarteel has reached over 4 million Muslims, continuously introducing groundbreaking features such as live Quran Mistake Detection among others. We invite you to stay connected for future developments.

Purpose of Tarteel

Guided by the profound principles of Islam, Tarteel is committed to seeking the favor of Allah SWT and emulating the path of our cherished Prophet Mohammed SAW. These foundational beliefs shape our approach to innovation and decision-making, with the aspiration that Tarteel will continue to serve the ummah for generations to come. Our mission is to support the Muslim community, praying for Allah SWT’s guidance to maintain us on the path of righteousness. We humbly request your prayers for the Tarteel team as we pursue this journey.