What is Salah?

The salah, a unique form of worship, is second only to the shahada (testimony in faith) as the most important pillar. It is an obligatory form prayer that must be performed five times per day. This was revealed by the Holy Qur’an and taught us by Prophet Muhammad (peace to him).

Why do Muslims

The reason why Muslims pray at all relates to what Islam considers to be the reason for being – which is to worship Allah alone. Shortly after Muhammad (peace be upon him) became a Prophet, the performance of salah (worship) was one of the first commandments given to him by Allah.

“And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone).”
Qur’an – Chapter 51, Verse 56

The salah is the second pillar of Islam and it is a critical part of a Muslim’s faith. One of the biggest differences between a Muslim and a non-Muslim is the salah. Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“Between a man and polytheism and disbelief there stands his neglect of the prayer.”

Why Do Muslims Pray
5 Times a Day?

This question is very common. Many people don’t know where the number 5 came from. At forty years old, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), was made a Prophet. One of his first lessons was to pray. Allah sent Jibreel, an angel Gabriel to teach Muhammad how to pray and make wudu.

A miraculous journey was made 11 years after the prophethood began. The angel Gabriel took Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), to the first heaven. This was the moment Allah gave him and Muslims instructions to pray five times per day. This was all recorded in the Holy Qur’an. We also have authentic narrations from Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) that he made during this journey.

Isra is the full story of the Prophet’s ascent up to heaven. We won’t go into details because it is a long story. The last part of the story, where the commandment to pray five times per day was made, will be shared. Until that point, Muslims performed salah. However, there wasn’t a specific number that was required.

What is

Dua, an Arabic term that literally means to call someone, while in the context Islamic worship system Dua refers to situations where a person seeks any assistance from Allah Almighty. Dua is very important in Muslims’ lives. Dua allows us to talk with Allah Almighty and seek His guidance in solving our problems. Dua is not only a way to express our needs before Allah Almighty, but also a form worship.

The Dua was described by the Holy Prophet peace, blessings of Allah Almighty Be upon him as the essence of worship in one Hadith. A number of verses in the Holy Quran have also described the importance dua.

The Surah Al-Baqara verse 182 Allah Almighty states:

“When my servants ask about me, (you) tell them that I am verily nearer to them. I answer the call of the supplicant whenever it calls me.”

This verse says that Dua should be used for every problem, no matter how large or small. Allah Almighty can resolve even the most difficult problem.

Making Dua

Benefits of

The arrogance will fade. One of the many benefits of Dua, like Salah, is that our arrogance will disappear. This is because Dua and putting our problems in front of Allah All Mighty will make us realize that Allah is the Creator. We are nothing before Him, and He doesn’t like arrogance so we should not be arrogant in our hearts. The Dua is what removes arrogance from our hearts.

Every Dua we have is accepted. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that their Dua has been rejected. Allah Almighty knows best for us. We may think that something is better, but Allah Almighty knows better. What He does is give us the best for ourselves and also gives our Dua to account of our good works. Sometimes our Dua may not be accepted at all. But Allah knows when the best time is for us and gives it to us.

Dua opens the doors to the mercy of Allah Almighty for us. Allah Almighty loves when His servants make Dua and shower His mercy upon them.